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Akik Dye Chem’s manufacturing plants are located in the well developed industrial area in the heart of Ahmedabad.


Akik Dye Chem have 5 different manufacturing plants to produce individual group of dyes which comprise VAT DYES, REACTIVE DYES & DISPERSE DYES. Also its well equipped with all infrastructural requirements is now operating with capacity of 4000 MT/Annum. in the vast area of 7500 Sq. yards.

• 2 Manufacturing Plants of VAT Dyes.

• 1 Manufacturing Plant of Solubilised VAT Dyes.

• 1 Manufacturing Plant of Reactive Dyes.

• 1 Manufacturing Plant of Disperse Dyes.

Akik Dye Chem is manufacturing all the forms of VAT Dyes which includes CDP (Crude Dry Press Cake), Powder fine, Micro Disperse / Colloisol, Solubilised and also the Paste Form.

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